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Enjoy our hand-picked selection of contemporary Danish sideboards at Shekå today. Each piece showcases the best of modern Scandinavian design and sustainability, made with a 10 year guarantee. For help and advice on choosing the perfect Scandinavian sideboard for your home, please email us at, call us or get in touch via our Live Chat, we look forward to hearing from you.

1. Silent Scandinavian Sideboard


The Silent sideboard typifies the best in Nordic modernity and minimalism. Carefully crafted in sustainably sourced oak, this Danish sideboard intrigues the eye with subtle geometry within it’s oak doors. The sideboard is elevated elegantly from the ground with four rounded black steel legs. In order to preserve the sleek modernist design, each door includes push-to-open functionality allowing the lines of this Scandinavian sideboard to remain clean and unbroken. Each Silent sideboard comes with a ten year manufacturing guarantee and is available in white-pigmented or traditional oiled oak finishes.

Scandinavian Sideboard in Oak
Scandinavian Cord Sideboard
Scandinavian Sideboard Columns

2. Cord Nordic Sideboard


Renowned designers Sebastian Klarhoefer & Peter Hertel have surpassed convention with this contemporary Nordic sideboard. The Cord maintains an airy and almost ethereal aesthetic by utilising columns of Danish paper cord within the design. Cord’s airy frontage is beautifully juxtaposed with the solid oak body, shelf and rounded legs. Both the oak and cord are sustainably produced, the paper cord being handcrafted in the local Danish town of Randers. This modern Scandinavian sideboard can be made for you in a choice of two contrasting finishes, white-pigmented or a black oiled oak option.

Scandinavian Sideboard Top View
Scandinavian Sideboards

3. Luxe Modern Scandinavian Sideboard


A petite Danish sideboard featuring a subtle yet impactful design. The continuous herringbone symmetry within the oak grains give Luxe undoubted statement elegance and charm. Each door and drawer is fitted with soft-close functionality for added finesse and longevity. The body of the sideboard is set within a contemporary black steel frame crafted in slimline rounded steel columns. This popular Scandi Sideboard comes in a variety of finishes including white oiled, oiled or a striking black-stained oak oiling. You can further customise your sideboard with a choice of brass or black handles to complement your interior.

4. Floow Scandi Sideboard

This modern Danish sideboard is designed by Michael Nielson for Bolia Denmark. The Floow’s dark lines and solid oak construction add statement presence to the contemporary home. The front of this sideboard is framed by a crisp border of black stained oak. Using this iconic dark border and clever leg construction, Nielsen has created the impression that the sideboard is floating. Expert craftsmanship is showcased in the mortise-and-tenon joints at each corner of this compelling Scandinavian sideboard. For those wanting a purely contemporary aesthetic the Floow cane be made for you in a matt-white laminate finish with walnut trim.

Contemporary Danish Sideboards
Scandinavian White Sideboard
Nordic Sideboard Drawer
Scandinavian Sideboard Woven

5. Cana Danish Sideboard

Capturing the quintessentially Danish quality of life, the Cana sideboard is inspired by the serenity of Denmark’s famous beach hotels. Designed by Danish designers Steffensen & Würtz this modern Scandinavian sideboard includes eye-catching woven drawers set behind crisp glass doors. The sideboard’s sustainable oak construction can be finished with traditional or white-pigmented oak oils. An Nordic masterpiece for those wanting a calming and refined storage solution.

6. Yacht Scandinavian Sideboard 

The Yacht sideboard exudes timeless refinement and Nordic sensibility. Acclaimed Danish duo Glismand & Rüdiger have designed Yacht to combine clean lines and rounded woodcraft. The sideboard is set on slightly taller FSC-certified solid oak legs giving it a an elegant presence in the home. The depth of the central shelving unit is the perfect contrast to the sleek minimalist doors. All doors come fitted with push to open functionality with oak which is sustainably sourced in Europe.

Scandinavian Sideboard in Solid Oak
Scandi Sideboard Door Handle
Scandinavian Sideboard Woodgrain
Scandinavian Sideboard in Wild Oak

7. Clinkers Contemporary  Sideboard & Highboard


The Clinkers sideboard is crafted in wild oak giving it a rustic and natural aesthetic. The sliding doors and overlapping oak details are a modern take on timeless Danish traditions. This modern Scandinavian sideboard comes in a choice of traditional oiled, white-pigmented or smoked oiled wild oak finishes. For those wanting more storage capacity it also comes as a cupboard/ highboard. Each sideboard is crafted from FSC-certified oak and manufactured to the highest standards in the European workshop.

8. Case Handmade Nordic Sideboard


The perfect sideboard for all wanting to showcase bold modernist design along with handmade Danish quality. Case is available with the iconic sliding Harlequin door featuring a striking diamond pattern of pressed oak. The sliding doors also come in smooth oak veneer for those in favour of a clean minimalist impression. Contemporary Danish design studio OOOJA have created this statement sideboard with sliding door functionality, shelving and practical drawer storage solutions. The sideboard is handmade in Denmark with a ten year manufacturing guarantee, giving you peace of mind that it’s been made to last for many years to come.

Scandinavian Design Sideboard
Scandinavian Sideboard Sliding Doors
Scandi Sideboard in Dining Room

Like what you see? Find even more Scandinavian Storage Solutions & Scandinavian Dining Solutions at Shekå

Our long-lasting and stylish sideboards from Denmark can serve a variety of functions. Some customers prefer to place their sideboard in an open plan kitchen, some in the hallway whilst others in the dining room. It really depends on the size of your rooms and the interior design theme that the sideboard will best complement. The majority of our sideboards are made in FSC-certified oak with a variety of oiled or laminate finishes, customisable handles and the option for a highboard/cabinet model for those seeking greater storage capacity. Enjoy the serenity of acclaimed Scandinavian design and handmade quality today, along with our free in-house delivery and assembly within England.

Scandinavian Sideboards & Cupboards

Modern Scandinavian Sideboard Design

Scandinavian sideboards of yesteryear are typified by the polished teak and walnut finishes popularised by Danish cabinetmakers of the mid-century. Names such as Wegner, Mogensen and Juhl have undoubtedly left their mark on the historic narrative of storage furniture, and they are still sought after by those seeking an authentic vintage mid-century finish. The quintessentially Danish design of the 50’s and 60’s is no longer enough for those with an affinity for the contemporary aesthetic. The discerning customer often wants to marry historic Nordic design with natural wooden finishes suitable for muted colour palettes or more flexible interior spaces. The resultant design answer by contemporary Danish brands has seen a significant change in the Scandinavian sideboards and storage solutions being manufactured. Today their sideboards embody the hallmarks of iconic Danish design, utilising a modern revision of traditional materials & finishes. Modern adaptions such as white-pigmented wood oils, matt poly-laminate surfaces and a general move towards oak as the primary wood of choice has begun the much anticipated variation within the Scandinavian sideboards of the present day.

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