The length of your product warranty can be found in the 'Details' section of your product.


What is covered by the warranty?

The warranty covers material and workmanship defects and ensures that any damage is repaired or the product is replaced within the warranty period.


In order to claim the warranty, you must be able to document when the product was purchased or delivered by presenting us with your order confirmation. In order to be covered by the warranty, enquiries regarding product defects and deficiencies must be reported to us within a reasonable time after the defect has first been discovered.


What is not covered by the warranty?

— General wear and tear, cut marks, scratches or other damage caused by improper use, accidents, knocks or external damage and discolouration caused by improper use or handling.

— Damage and discolouration caused by lack of or incorrect care/maintenance in accordance with our care instructions & emails e.g use of supermarket spays/ cleaners etc.

 — Products that have been stored, mounted or used improperly, misused or altered, as well as products that have been exposed to high temperature fluctuations, placed in direct sunlight, or in an environment for which the product is not suitable, e.g. outdoors or in a bathroom.

— A warranty is not offered on a replacement product, where the warranty has already been used. i.e. the replacement of an item will void the warranty and no 10-year warranty will be given on the new item. 


What do we do to remedy the defect?

When you report a manufacturing defect along with detailed photos, we will investigate it and assess whether it is covered by the warranty. We will then decide if the part(s)/product needs to be replaced. We will cover the costs for replacement of the affected part(s), as well as any shipping costs. If the product has been discontinued from the range, we will assess and decide what a suitable replacement product could be.