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Many of life's cherished moments and memories take place around the dining table. Our Nordic dining tables embody the best of new Scandinavian design, sustainable craftsmanship and lifetime quality. 

Celebrating Scandinavian Dining Sets

Over the past twenty years something of a shift has occurred the world over. With increasing intensity and fervour an appetite for Scandinavian aesthetic has been sweeping the globe. People are being drawn to include the simplistic tenets of Nordic design within their homes, offices and businesses. Each day millions are eating and meeting over Scandinavian dining tables, seated upon the minimalist lines of the Scandinavian dining chair. It is important to acknowledge the draw of Scandi dining furniture that has captivated the hearts and graced the homes of so many.

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Scandinavian Furniture -  the love of wood

Lionised furniture designer Hans Jørgensen Wegner, was an integral figure in the propagation of Scandinavian dining design. Wegner famously attested that, ‘Regardless of where people come from, they cannot stop themselves from letting their hands stroke a piece of wood, hold it, smell it and experience the material. The love of wood is something that all mankind has in common’.

On the spectrum of Scandinavian dining table acquisition across the world, there is one quintessential component that unites each piece - the visible presence of the natural wood. Although it can be noted that modernist design streams of Nordic dining furniture may be an exception, the classic Scandinavian dining table  which attracts consistent attention, always displays natural woodgrain within the piece. This practice was notably popularised through Danish design pioneers such as Fritz Hansen and his carpentry in the late eighteen hundreds and Wegner in the early to mid-19th century. The presence of high quality, sustainable woods give inherent natural beauty and warmth to the dining table form, coupled with the quality of the Scandinavian cabinetmakers’ craftsmanship.

Scandinavian White Oak Dining Table

The presence of high quality, sustainable woods give inherent natural beauty and warmth to the dining table form

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Scandinavian Dining Tables and Chairs
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Scandinavian Dining - the love of simplicity

A central precept of the Scandinavian aesthetic is the art of simplicity. In an ever busy world, the desire for simplicity is on the rise which may be influencing the exponential interest in Scandinavian furniture. Refining a design to it’s true essence, whilst still optimising elegance and functionality in the process, is a true hallmark of Scandinavian furniture. Modern Nordic form majoritively follows the creation of pure, clean lines, based on an in-depth understanding of classic mid-century Danish furniture and the proportions and requirements of the human body. This process produces simple, minimalist designs that are pleasing to the eye and maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the dining spaces of homes and restaurants alike. Scandinavian  design has truly mastered the practical ergonomics of it’s furniture whilst maintaining the iconic, sleek simplicity - an art few others are famous for.

Scandinavian Craftsmanship - the love of Earth


What can be observed in both the Scandinavian cabinetmakers of old and Nordic design companies of the present day, is the extent of care taken in sourcing their materials. Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword for modern companies, yet ethical practice is far from a recent idea in the the circles of Scandinavian furniture makers. The process of handcrafting and selecting sustainable timbers from European forests has outlasted the explosive industrialisation and unethical consumerism that became popular in some of the furniture of western Europe and the USA. Today, leading Scandinavian furniture brands such as Bolia Denmark, pride themselves with creating ethical, sustainable furniture pieces, all with a green conscience and meeting the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council. Bolia convey their belief that,

‘Because we walk hand in hand in nature, sustainability is the natural starting point of every new design – all the way from the first sketches to the final product’. 

Agreement with such an ethos ensures we can all enjoy the best of Scandinavian furniture design with the calming peace of a green consumer conscience. Scandinavian companies’ ethical approach to furniture design guarantees that the coming generations can continue to enjoy the simply joy of stroking, holding and experiencing the wood of the Scandinavian dining table with their loved ones for many more years to come.

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Bolia - a sustainable Scandinavian design company

Purveyors of high end Scandinavian design, Bolia have an uncompromising commitment to the finest sustainable craftsmanship. Established in the Danish city of Aarhus in 2000, Bolia continue to manufacture contemporary Scandinavian furniture, characterised by enduring beauty, exceptional quality and sustainable production. The Danish brand collaborates with upcoming, vibrant talents and world-renowned modern designers from all over the globe including Glismand & Rüdiger, Michael H. Nielsen & Kaschkasch. All these acclaimed contemporary designers uphold the core Danish Modern principles of simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship whilst bring a new perspective to traditional Scandinavian design. Bolia’s unique furniture continues to captivate contemporary audiences with their distinctive Nordic dining design. The vision of this exclusive Danish design collective from Bolia is to showcase the best of new Scandinavian design, bringing both creative modern designers and established names to the fore on the world stage.

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At Shekåbba we continue to hand-pick the best in contemporary Scandinavian dining design, comprising both design and quality. For those looking for a holistic Scandinavian dining experience, browse our curation of the best dining pieces and discover more Danish brands.  Enjoy those Scandi moments everyday as the natural woods reflect warm light around your dining spaces. Shop the powerful presence of Scandinavian minimalism, simplicity and woodcraft, which honour the Scandinavian style that has been impacting our dining spaces for over 100 years. Each piece is designed by some of the best furniture designers of Europe and beyond, all upholding the quintessential tenets of Danish design whether in a table or chair. Our range of contemporary Scandinavian dining chairs, are all designed to marry the design of an accompanying dining table. Whatever your flavour of Scandinavian dining table set: marble, round, extendable, with perhaps some iconic Danish lines, enjoy creating a positively Nordic dining experience.

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