Dedicated husband and wife team Dan and Rosanna started Shekåbba out of a love for Danish design and craftsmanship. Passionate to source and curate outstanding new designs emerging from Denmark, for both the home and commercial project alike. Dan discusses ideas behind the brand,

“Danish design excites me and has become a bit of an obsession! It embodies an elegance and quality, the like of which I haven’t seen to the same degree elsewhere in the world. Mark Mussari’s book, Danish Modern, Between Art & Design beautifully highlights the richness of Denmark’s design heritage and it’s vast influence on the world stage. I love the cultural priority in Denmark of creating stunning spaces in homes and workplaces, without compromising on quality in the process.” 

As a brand Shekåbba exists not only to curate the finest of new Danish design, but as a platform to serve busy, hardworking people. With increasingly pressured lives, it can now be impractical to make long trips to showrooms and shops to find the look you are after. This  has shaped the decision for Shekåbba to embrace e-commerce, offering a trusted online promise of quality Danish pieces delivered to your home. 

"Regardless of where people come from they cannot stop themselves from letting their hands stroke a piece of wood, hold it, smell it and experience the material." HANS J. WEGNER