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The increasing popularity of working from home has necessitated the pursuit of contemporary home office furniture that is made to last. Enjoy our collection of Danish home office desks and chairs which embody the best of Nordic modernity, sustainable design and long-lasting quality.

Graceful Designer Home Office Desk


The Graceful desk has timeless appeal due to the simplicity of it’s iconic minimalist design. This popular home office desk has been designed by Danish designer Michael H. Nielsen for Bolia Denmark. The sloping legs of the desk have been positioned on the outside of the table giving maximum space beneath. The worktop has a clean, unbroken surface concealing comprehensive technical mastery beneath. The cables are cleverly concealed within a traceable leather sleeve accessed through a flush compartment built within the solid oak table top. A modern office desk made from solid, FSC-certified oak in a sustainable workshop, finished for you in a variety of lengths in Danish white-pigmented wood oil.

Acentric Luxury Home Office Desk

Eccentric is an undoubtedly stylish home office desk combining both natural oak and black steel in one impressive design. Designers, HI. HI Studio bring you Acentric a crafted Danish home office desk that fuses flexibility and functionality in an aesthetically inviting shape. The light silhouette of the desk adds subtle Nordic personality to any room. The unique framed desktop serves as a blank canvas for creativity, while functional details like a discrete cable compartment cancel out visual noise, creating a peaceful workspace. A truly contemporary home office desk for the creative, made to last with a 10 year warranty.

Ribbon Modern Desk for Home Office

A timeless home office desk with a simple appearance, where extensive and impressive craftsmanship create the perfect finishing touches. The outside positioning of the legs creates extra leg space and there's a hidden secret inside the table top; an in-built extension leaf. A special mechanism ensures that Ribbon can reach it’s full potential in just one single, easy movement. Each Ribbon desk is finished for you in white-pigmented oak oiling with an optional Fenix NTM® laminate top.

Handmade Quality

All the home office desks in our collection are handmade by some of Europe’s finest craftsmen and women. A handmade desk ensures attention to detail with the utmost of care being taken to ensure each design is beautiful and free from defects.

Sustainability of Design

Each one of the materials used on our home office desks is totally traceable. Whether the leather used in cable compartments or the European oak used within the desk construction is all responsibly sourced to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy such furniture.

Danish Aesthetics

Many are increasingly aware of the beauty of Scandinavian design and are seeking home office environments that embody  the blend of natural materials, functionality and clean minimalist design that Nordic designs so famously capture.

Luxury Home Office Desks UK

Since significant shifts have occurred across the world due to the global pandemic and many other socio-economic factors, it has concurred that many of us are now for the first time ever able to work wholly or at least partially from home. Many are opting for cabins built in the garden as the base for their new home office furniture, others making use of spare rooms or utilising existing space in larger bedrooms. The home office desk is preferred as the place to work due to the sense of self-managed time, choice of aesthetics and the comfort of being in or close to your place of residence. Modern contemporary office desks with use of natural wood are growing in popularity as people who are working from home want to avoid the dull monochrome aesthetics of some commercial office spaces. Designer desks for the home office that utilise natural hardwood within the tabletop are a popular choice due to the unsurpassed warmth and quality that natural wood brings to a room.

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