bolia furniture uk


'The vivid nature and materials that surround us and the Scandinavian Design heritage we are so immensely proud of. A heritage built on simplicity, elegance, craftsmanship and honest materials.'



Established in the Danish city of Aarhus in 2000, Bolia continue to manufacture contemporary Scandinavian furniture, characterised by enduring beauty, exceptional quality and sustainable production. The Danish brand collaborates with upcoming, vibrant talents and world-renowned modern designers from all over the globe including Glismand & Rüdiger, Michael H. Nielsen & Kaschkasch. All these acclaimed contemporary designers uphold the core Danish Modern principles of simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship whilst bring a new perspective to traditional Scandinavian design. Bolia’s unique furniture continues to captivate contemporary audiences with their distinctive Nordic dining design. The vision of this exclusive Danish design collective from Bolia is to showcase the best of new Scandinavian design, bringing both creative modern designers and established names to the fore on the world stage.