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The thick luxury velvet of our Danish sofa suite is a best-selling choice for those seeking a mid-century sofa that’s built to last. Contemporary velvet sofas have had unabated popularity in the designer home spanning the decades, with a growing resurgence of interest in recent years. Primary reasons for velvet’s popularity are the statement elegance of velvet sofas, it's unrivalled durability and the vibrant velvet colour options available. 

Cream Velvet Broste Wind Sofa

The luxury velvet sofa suite we offer at Shekåbba is amidst the top 20 best velvet sofas in the UK, combining iconic Danish design with world-renowned reliability. All the sofa frames are crafted from solid FSC™-certified birch & pine wood, carefully built in the European workshop. The classic commercial-grade velvet and internal CME foam used for the sofa suite is exceptionally hard-wearing and produced following the OKEO-TEX® programme. Explore our contemporary velvet series from acclaimed Danish brand Broste Copenhagen. Available as a mid-century velvet sofa suite including a 3 seater velvet sofa, chaise longue, armchair and round velvet pouf to match. Our luxury velvet sofas are typically made, delivered and assembled in as little as 3 to 8 weeks. Contact us today for some friendly advice or to order your free velvet swatch.

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The iconic mid-century design of the Wind sofa suite from Denmark’s Broste Copenhagen has held it’s popularity across Europe for over 70 years. It embodies a classic look inspired by the 1950’s, the years when Ulf Brøste founded the company in Denmark. Little did Brøste know that the clean Nordic lines, iconic pillar cushions and rich velvet upholstery from that era would remain a sought-after look even today. The Wind luxury velvet sofa epitomises the mid-century modern aesthetic, all with the guaranteed reliability of Danish craftsmanship. A best-selling choice for velvet sofas online in the UK.

Luxury Velvet Sofas UK

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Velvet Sofa Suite
Velvet Sofa Suite
Velvet Sofa Suite
Velvet Sofa Suite
Grey Velvet Sofas

Follow our process as to why we decided to choose Broste’ s Luxury velvet collection, now our best-selling suite for contemporary designer homes across the UK.

Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf UK Rainy Day
Broste Copenhagen Wind Armchair Rainy Day
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Drizzle
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Chinois Green
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Pastel Blue
Broste Copenhagen Wind Chaise Longue Rainy Day
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Magnet
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Grapeleaf
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Insignia Blue
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Rainy Day
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Wild Ginger
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Black
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Caramel Cafe

The Best Velvet For Luxury Sofas?

From Crushed to Silk, Cotton to Synthetic - the range of velvet sofa options available and knowing which one to choose can often be overwhelming. One of the reasons we at Shekåbba have carefully chosen the Wind sofa as our top choice for a long-lasting luxury velvet sofa is the quality standard of it’s velvet upholstery.

Danish Velvet Sofa - Broste Wind

A Luxury Classic-Velvet Sofa

The Wind sofa suite is upholstered in classic commercial-grade fire-retardant (FR) polyester velvet. Classic polyester velvet is head and shoulders above it’s competitors, and this is due to it’s unrivalled durability & longevity. In a busy home, office or hotel, cotton velvets and their derivatives will look great initially yet the cotton pile will wear off much more easily leading to balding on seat edges and sofa arms. Added difficulties with cotton velvets include fast colour fading, high dust-absorbency and difficulties removing stains. However, the commercial-grade synthetic velvet used in the Wind sofa holds it’s colour and thread density for decades without wearing down. Classic polyester velvet is also easy to clean and repellant to water and stains as we will discuss later. 

A Commercial-Grade Luxury Velvet Sofa

The luxury velvet used in our Broste sofas meets industry durability standards for commercial use according to it’s exceptional results in the Martindale rub test. This test is an internationally recognised test, where a sofa fabric is subjected to revolutions of abrasion before the fabric wears away. The number of revolutions is recorded in order to gauge the fabric's resistance to wear and thus what use it is fit for. The higher the revolutions in the Martindale test the more durable the velvet is, we are proud to say the the classic velvet used for our luxury velvet suite passes the Martindale test at 45,000 revolutions. To put this in perspective a fabric deemed tough enough for commercial use is required to pass the test at 30,000 revolutions. 

 A perfect choice of stunning velvet sofa for all who want the peace of mind of a future-proof contemporary sofa for their home.

Blue Velvet Sofas | Broste Wind Sofa
Black Velvet Sofas | Broste Wind Chaise

An Easy Clean Luxury Velvet Sofa

The classic polyester velvet used on the whole Wind sofa suite has the added benefit of water-repellant technology. The dense thread count and shorter pile makes this velvet easy to clean and repellant to water spills. All the cushions of the wind sofa can be removed for ease of maintenance. This velvet comes with the added bonus of being made from Fire-Retardant threads that will last the life of the velvet, whereas the Fire-Retardancy of treated FR fabrics dissipate over time when washed or scrubbed. A perfect choice for those wanting a safe luxury velvet sofa that will stay looking great for many years to come.

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For those wanting to ensure their home has a positive impact on the environment and their health, the Wind velvet sofa is a perfect choice. Broste Copenhagen are proud to be able to apply the Nordic Ecolabel, which over the past 25 years has made it easier for consumers and businesses to choose the most environmentally sound products. Furthermore, the textiles used within the sofa are fully OKEO-TEX certified to Standard 100.

OKEO-TEX® 100 is an independent testing system and healthcare label to certify the absence of toxic or harmful chemicals in the sofas, benefiting the health of those you love and the environment.

This international label rigorously tests that no toxins are either used in the production of or left within your sofa. OKEO-TEX® certification has become a must for many customers in recent years as many designer sofas are manufactured using toxic-chemicals especially within efforts to meet Fire regulations for the UK market. Broste is proud to certify that they have gone the extra mile to ensure this is not the case. You can now enjoy a cosy read or film in luxury with the peace of mind  that no toxins are escaping into your skin or home environment.

Green Velvet Sofas


Velvet colours offer you a superior depth and flare than flatter cotton or linen sofa fabrics. Our velvet sofa suite comes with a choice of ten stunning colours from rustic oranges and greens, vibrant red velvet or jet black. Whether you are interested in luxury velvet sofas in grey or contemporary blue velvet sofas etc. There is an interesting velvet colour for every individual and for each item of the suite.

Velvet Sofa Colours | Blue, Black
Velvet Sofas Colour Options

The iconic longer Danish leg stems come in a choice of solid FSC™- certified stained oak, natural solid oak or striking black stained beech. Whether your home is natural and rustic or contemporary minimalist, the customisable legs can help you achieve the aesthetic that you are after. Customise your order by adding a matching luxury velvet chaise longue, armchair & Danish pouf. All fully OKEO-TEX® with 45,000 Martindale water-repellant polyester velvet.

Velvet Sofa Leg Stained Oak
Velvet Sofa Leg Natural Oak
Velvet Sofa Leg Beech
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf UK Chinois Green
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf Magnet
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Pouf Chinois Green
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Pouf Drizzle
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf Caramel Cafe
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf Insignia Blue
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf UK Wild Ginger
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf Black
Broste Copenhagen Wind Pouf UK Rainy Day
Broste Copenhagen Wind Sofa Pouf Pastel Blue

We work with renowned delivery experts and industry partners to the British Institute of Interior design. They specialise in delivering and assembling high-end furniture, so rest assure that your sofa will arrive in safe hands. Should you need delivery to hard to reach apartments or think you may require crane delivery, please contact us to discuss. If you live in England we will deliver and assemble your sofa for free.


Due to the popularity of the Wind velvet sofa we are currently  running a 15% off promotion, offering you this statement Danish velvet sofa at an attractive price. Your purchase includes free white glove delivery and assembly within England. We will unpack and assemble your sofa at your date & room of choice and take all the packaging away to recycle. Rest assured that being post-Brexit we will not add any additional import or customs tariffs to your final basket